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Born: February 1, 1953

Died: March 10, 2008

“Hal” Kelley was a member of the local recovery community for over 20 years. He was an active member, sponsoring many men in recovery, actively involved in the service structure of Narcotics Anonymous, and in 1994 he was instrumental in the formation of the South Shore Area of Narcotics Anonymous, which comprises the geographical area within which Porter County lies. Through the Recovery Process, Hal became a responsible and productive member of society, both generally speaking and within the recovery community.


Hal cared for his elderly mother Betty until her death, helped to raise two responsible children, and is dearly missed since his untimely death from liver cancer. I will always count him as my dearest friend, as should all of us who benefitted from his wisdom and efforts.


Hal welcomed many men into his home, helping individuals seeking recovery to get onto their feet and stabilized in the recovery process. Hal was always willing to take a chance, to help an individual down on his luck, guiding that person into recovery and providing the necessary respite from the storms of life which our addiction fosters. Hal provided the means for many to initiate our recovery and get back onto the road of life.


Hal remains well known in the recovery community today. However, lives pass and memories fade. It is our intention to provide a lasting testament to his contribution to Recovery within this geographical area, his caring for the kindred spirits seeking recovery. It is only appropriate that this House, Respite House, carry his name, as a tribute to his memory.






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