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About Respite House

“Hal” Kelley was a member of the local recovery community for over 20 years. He was an active member, sponsoring many men in recovery, actively involved in the service structure of Narcotics Anonymous, and in 1994 he was instrumental in the formation of the South Shore Area of Narcotics Anonymous, which comprises the geographical area within which Porter County lies. Through the Recovery Process, Hal became a responsible and productive member of society, both generally speaking and within the recovery community.

How We Run The

Respite House

Respite House is staffed by an Executive Director, Director and Two Assistant Directors. The Director and Assistants reside at the House. The Executive Director is responsible to assist in the implementation of Policies and Procedures, as established by the Board of Directors. The Director and Assistants are responsible for the day to day operations of Respite House.

Many of the programs we have implemented are available through community resources, and are either free of charge or very cost effective. We are focusing on addressing the individual needs of each resident in order to provide them with the best opportunity for recovery.

Residents will be required to actively pursue a recovery program during their residency. Meeting attendance, in addition to in-house programming, will be mandatory. Residents are required to attend a minimum of five meetings a week, obtain a sponsor, mentor or recovery coach and be actively working a recovery Program.

Respite House, including its Officers, Board of Directors and Staff, is committed to working in cooperation with the Porter County Problem Solving Court Programs to provide specific services to those individuals participating.

Respite House shall maintain flexibility in their programming and scheduling, as it pertains to Problem Solving Court participants, in order to enable them to comply with the requirements and goals of the Program, while at the same time remaining in compliance with the rules and regulations of Respite House. In summary, it is the intent of Respite House to do everything within our power to work in conjunction and cooperation with the Problem Solving Court  Programs in meeting the needs and requirements of those participants.

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