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The perceived need for an additional halfway house for men struggling with substance abuse issues within Porter County, Indiana has been apparent for a number of years. An analysis of the records of the Porter County Coroner only confirmed that there had been a steady and significant increase in the deaths related to substance abuse over the last 6 years. While this concept had been in the back of my mind for at least 15 years, the entire project seemed overwhelming. Beginning in 2005, I attempted to initiate the project a couple of times, even talking with other individuals for assistance and guidance; only to succumb to financial obstacles and lose hope.

In November of 2008, after discussions with individuals who recognized the need, supported a plan of action and demonstrated a commitment to the ongoing operation of a men’s halfway house, we proceeded upon a course of action which has led us to this point. We incorporated, filed for and received 501(c)(3) status as a charitable organization, located a suitable property and devised a plan to fund this project. The enormity of the drug problem within our community (and society as a whole), combined with the recognition that treatment is preferable and more cost effective than incarceration, enabled us to garner the support necessary to achieve our goal.

This Project was not possible without the assistance and support of the community. Funding something of this magnitude was always the largest hurdle to overcome. When the Porter County Commissioners and the Porter County Council reviewed our presentation and provided the necessary funding to purchase and reconfigure the property, the concept of Respite House became a reality. The City of Valparaiso, Indiana has also been supportive in all aspects.

Even with the substantial financial support we received from Porter County, we could not have accomplished what we have without the support of local business and the individuals who volunteered countless hours to make this the home that we envisioned. People within the community recognize that the disease of addiction affects all of our lives in one way or another. We came together as a community to address our common problem and those who contributed deserve to be recognized:

Boyd Asphalt
Ronn Barany
John Blanchard
Vern Blaney
Mike Bromberg
Kevin Brown
Ryan Briney
Tim Byrne
Tom Cahline
Jim Calamaris
Cim-Tech, Inc.
Greg Conley
Toby Conn
Justin Conover
Rick Deadman
Marty DeFoor
Jeremy Dobson
Bobbie Dolph
Don Dolph, Sr.
Don Dolph, Jr.
Johnna Dolph
Terry Driver

Steve E.
Dan Femiak
Joe Guerrero
Gene Hanas
Jason Hernandez
Jeffrey Highlen
Sarah Highlen
Horizon Bank
Sam Howard
Bruce Irwin
Ironworker’s Local 395
Eric Ivasiecko
Troy Keen
Stacy Keilman
Zack Keilman
Urban Keilman
George Knight
Mike Kuiper
Lake Plumbing
Maggie Mahns
Manta Industrial Services
Maruszczak Appliances

MCS Electric
Menards, Inc.
North Star Stone
Krystle O’Barske
PACT, Inc.
Brian Papenfus
Parkway Mechanical
Lita Peters
Mike Polk
Brad Putman
Jeremy Rohrer
Sherwin Williams, Inc.
Nelson Soto
Dave Strong
Dan Stoica
Tony Turner
Van Gough, Inc.
Bob Vann
Ron Vicker
Robin Waldrop

Porter County Commissioners
Robert P. Harper, President
Carole M. Knoblock
John Evans

Porter County Council
Bob Poparad, President
Karen Conover, Vice President
Dan Whitten
Laura Blaney
Sylvia Graham
Rita Stevenson
Mike Bucko

Porter County Prosecutor
Brian Gensel, Prosecutor
Robert Taylor, Drug Task Force

Porter County Council
on Substance Abuse

Shelly Volk, President
Ron Pike, Moraine House

Porter County
Drug Court Team

Julia M. Jent, Judge
Adam Burroughs, Prosecutor
Martha Luke, Probation
Jill Underwood, Treatment
Nick Catsadimas, Defense
Barb Claypool, PACT

Respite House Board
Mitchell A. Peters, Chairperson
Marc Barnett, Vice Chairperson
Clark Holesinger, Treasurer
Bob Calvert, Secretary
Charlie McGill
Diane Chilian
Lynn Slate
Lita Peters, Exec. Director
George Knight, Director

I know that I have undoubtedly forgotten to mention some of those who donated their time and resources to this project, and for that I apologize. However, I recognize that none of this would have been possible without the assistance and support of the community, family and friends.

There have been many times during the course of this project where I have felt overwhelmed; that I have taken on too much. The encouragement and support I have received have enabled me to continue on (plus I really couldn’t stop now). I especially want to thank my wife, Lita, for all of her support and hard work throughout this endeavor. I also could not have done this without Troy, Clark and the Menard’s Team (Milos, Perry, Michele and Terry).

The Board of Directors of the Harold “Hal” Kelley Respite Foundation, Inc., d/b/a Respite House, is an eclectic collection of individuals committed to the prospect of providing a viable residential halfway house for men seeking recovery. The Board is comprised of individuals with substantial experience in the legal field, criminal justice/law enforcement, substance abuse treatment, and the religious, education, government and business communities. It is also significant that between the Board and Staff members, there is approximately 90 years of recovery experience with active participation in a 12 Step Self-help fellowship. The focus of our program is to integrate these men into the recovery community through the 12 Step Program, and our Board is committed to this process of recovery.

Mitchell A. Peters, Chairman
Harold “Hal” Kelley Respite Foundation, Inc.



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