Offenses Resulting in Automatic Termination

Automatic termination offenses are immediate.

Unauthorized overnight: Residents are not allowed to stay out overnight without proper authorization from the house director.

Fighting: Any fighting of a physical nature is prohibited.

Weapons: Knives and/or any other weapons of a threatening nature are prohibited.

Theft: Any theft of Respite House property, another resident’s property, or within the community.

Gambling: Any gambling on Respite House property is prohibited.

Falsification: Falsification of any Respite House document or any false statement to Respite House staff or officers. Any resident caught signing the log for another resident will result in the termination of both residents.

Smoking: All residents are to observe the smoking ban within the premises of Respite House. Smoking is limited to the designated area at the rear of the House.

Warrants/arrest or incarceration: Failure to provide at intake knowledge of any outstanding warrants, or arrest and incarceration while a resident. Respite House recognizes that Drug Court Clients may periodically be incarcerated for periods of time, and will consider those instances on a case by case basis.

Alcohol or Drugs: The use or possession of alcohol or any other mind or mood altering substance at any time is prohibited. This includes any prescription medications, which are to be controlled and dispensed by staff.

Test Samples: Failure to provide a urinalysis sample and/or breathalyzer test upon request by staff members.

Results of testing: Positive results from any urinalysis and or breath testing by a staff member.

Rent: Unwillingness to assume financial responsibility for rent and/or fees.

Probation: Failure to provide staff with information and conditions of probation during intake or if placed on probation while a resident.

Destruction of property: Willful destruction of Respite House property, a fellow resident’s property or any property within the community.

General Conduct

Rules and regulations are enforced by the director and assistant director on duty. Rules and regulations may be amended or updated as needed. It is the responsibility of the resident to adhere to and understand the rules and regulations. It is also the responsibility of each resident to inform staff of any situation that could result in an infraction of these rules.

The Respite House staff will not repeatedly warn or request any resident to follow the rules

and regulations. We will only ask one time that a task be done or a rule followed. Insubordination will not be tolerated. If you are unwilling to abide by these rules, then you must make other living arraignments, as you will be excluded from Respite House. Repetitive rule violations will not be tolerated, and are grounds for immediate dismissal. There are no exceptions.

Length of Stay and Participation Required

The recommended length of stay is from 180 days to two years and will be determined on a case-by-case basis. For the first seventy-two (72) hours in the house there are no visitors allowed with the exception of an approved sponsor. Within the first seven days of

participation, an essay, consisting of at least 100 words will be written and handed into the house director; “How I feel my experience of entering Respite House has or will affect my personal growth”. The 12 step tapes will be viewed within 21 days of entry.

Rent and Fees

On entering Respite House the resident is required to pay two weeks rent ($270.00). The weekly fee is $135.00 and due no later than 10:00 a.m. Saturday of the upcoming week of residence. If rent is not paid by 10:00 a.m. on Saturday for the upcoming week then the resident will be discharged immediately. Rent

will be prorated at intake only if entering the house once the week has begun. Resident is responsible for all program fees associated with their stay at Respite House. Refunds will not be issued at time of involuntary discharge. A refund will be made upon voluntary discharge only if advance rent was tendered.


Each resident will meet weekly with the director or assigned staff for evaluation concerning his progress at Respite House. A tally is kept concerning any demerits given. Any four (4) demerits given in a thirty-day period is cause for termination of the resident within twenty-four (24) hours upon approval of the house

committee. Automatic termination offenses are immediate. The director or assistants can issue demerits. An infraction of any rule must be reported to the staff. If the resident feels the demerit was issued unfairly and without merit he can present his case to the house committee.

Sponsor Meetings

All residents are required to have a house approved, local, active AA or NA sponsor within four weeks, or termination of stay will be affected. All conversations with your sponsor are confidential. Staff will not be concerned with what you talked about, only in the fact that you talked. If you cannot get along with your sponsor, and need to change, you may do so. You must provide staff with your sponsor's name. Residents are expected to be working on

the 12 Steps and should choose a Sponsor accordingly.

Residents are required to attend at least two in-house AA or NA meetings. Residents must attend the Relapse Prevention, Client Group meeting and other scheduled programming groups. There are no exceptions. Residents are required to attend one educational or life skills class for every 60 days. 

Weekend Passes/Weekend Programs

All passes will begin on Saturday at noon, after the weekend chore has been completed and inspected. Passes will end at 9:00 p.m. on Sunday. Written requests for a weekend pass must be presented to staff for approval on Thursdays by 7pm. Eligibility for pass is based on the resident’s behavior in the prior week and the plans during the pass. Residents working on any

shift on a Saturday must return from work before signing out on pass. Residents who have been granted passes are encouraged to use them; however residents who choose to remain at Respite House are welcome to do so and will adhere to all house rules and regulations including curfew and chores. Rent  must be paid prior to any weekend pass being effective.


If you are in a relationship upon entry to Respite House, it may continue, as long as it does not interfere with your recovery. If you are not in a relationship at the time of admission you may not enter into a relationship.


Program Conduct

Program participants are not to make any twelve step calls. Residents are not to fraternize or socialize where alcohol and/or drugs are being served or used (this includes the homes of

family and friends). Residents are not to enter bars or liquor stores at anytime, for any reason.


Residents who have a car at Respite House must have a valid drivers license, valid license plates, current registration, plate number, and provide proof of insurance. Residents will park in

specified area only. Residents are not permitted to allow other residents to drive their vehicle.

1 Demerit for each infraction

Front Office

If the Director is busy with someone in the office do not disturb him unless it is an emergency.

1 Demerit for each infraction



Visiting hours are from 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm Monday through Friday. Saturday and Sunday visiting hours are 1:00pm to 10:00pm. Guests are allowed in by resident’s invitation only and remain in the common living room area at all times. All guests must sign a confidentiality agreement and be logged and approved by staff for entry. Guests will be asked to leave during

meal times, house functions and groups. No visiting of a romantic nature is allowed on the premises.

4 Demerits each infraction for romantic visitation

1 Demerit each infraction of visiting hours

Residents/Staff Rooms

Residents are not permitted in other resident’s rooms. Residents are not permitted in staff rooms. Residents are not to close any bedrooms doors until bedtime. No burning of anything

is allowed at Respite House (i.e. candles, incense, simmering pots, etc.).  

3 Demerits for each infraction


Any medication in your possession, prescription or otherwise, must be turned over to the house director. 

3 Demerits for each infraction



Curfew hours are 10:45 pm Sunday through Thursday and 11:45 pm Friday and Saturday. Lights out will be 1/2 hour after curfew; lights out includes radios,MP3 players and all electrical supplies. Residents are required to be in bed at this time, not preparing for bed. Residents are not to leave the house after curfew and before morning meditation except to go to work.

Residents on pass may return after curfew for emergency circumstances only. Call the office first if at all possible. 

3 Demerits for leaving after curfew,
1 Demerit for being late for curfew,
1 Demerit for the entire room for lights out violation

Household Duties

A resident will be assigned household duties, and will be expected to do them each and every day. When more than one resident is assigned to a particular chore, all residents assigned are responsible for the completion of that chore.

1 Demerit for each infraction


Personal Appearance and Dress Code

A resident is to keep his personal appearance neat and be dressed in normal street attire throughout the waking hours. Clothing with drug, alcohol, or bar advertising or any demeaning slogans is not permitted. No

inappropriate clothing may be worn in or out of the house. Shoes, slippers or sandals must be worn at all times. Personal hygiene is expected, and if necessary, will be addressed by staff.

1 Demerit for each infraction

Electricity and Television

Residents are to turn off all lights, fans, radios, water and appliances when finished using them or when leaving a room for an extended period of time. Watching television is only allowed between 6:00pm and curfew Monday through Friday and 7:15am through curfew Saturday

and Sunday. Recovery and step tapes may be viewed during the day with permission from the house director. Residents are not permitted computers, cell phones, personal televisions or DVD players in their rooms.

1 Demerit for each infraction


Residents are to prepare their own breakfast and lunch from house items. Donated or house groceries are provided for all residents and are not to be set aside for individual residents. A family style sit down dinner will be served; all residents are required to be at dinner unless the director has approved other arrangements. Food and/or snacks are not permitted in resident’s rooms. Each resident is responsible for his own breakfast and lunch preparation and clean up.

Meal procedures:
Residents will be assigned for weekly dinner preparation. Dinner will be prepared with the assistance of an outside Cook. Dinners will be

prepared for all residents of the house so that any resident who is excused from dinner time attendance can prepare leftovers. Excused residents must clean dinner area and dishes before evenings end. Residents, with the assistance of the cook, will plan menu for assigned meal based on food available in the house at the time of menu planning. Do not serve food that is not on the menu. Each resident is responsible for her own breakfast and lunch preparation and clean up. Kitchen closes at 10:00 pm. THE STAFF COOK HAS THE ULTIMATE AUTHORITY AND RESPONSIBILITY FOR MEALS, AND WILL APPROVE ANY DINNER MENU AND OVERSEE PREPERATIONS.

1 Demerit for each infraction


Residents are to be awake and present by 7:30 a.m. for morning meditation Monday through Friday. Residents must be dressed in normal street attire, not in the clothes you slept in. On weekdays, from 9am-5pm, residents may only

be in their rooms if they are getting ready for their day. All reading, journaling and so forth must be done in the common living room area or conference room.

1 Demerit for each infraction

Room and Common Area Inspections

Residents must make their bed by 9:30am. They must keep their rooms neat and clean. The staff at their discretion will make daily inspections. If it is deemed that there is an infraction of the

rules as a whole, or the house is found to be dirty, all weekend passes will be suspended.

1 Demerit for the entire room or suspension of all weekend passes

Phone Calls, Beepers and Cell Phones

Residents are not allowed to have or use beepers or cell phones, unless it is required for your job. A written and verified statement from your employer will be required. The resident unlisted telephone number is available from staff. Only residents are allowed to give out this number, staff does not give out this number to non-residents for any reason. Do not post the resident phone number in the meeting room area or use it on Meeting Schedules. No phone calls will be allowed after curfew and before morning meditation, except in regards to work. Tell those who would be calling for you, the times not to call. Length of each phone call is a maximum

of 10 minutes. The resident phone is always answered with “Hello”. Only residents may answer and use the phone. Residents are not allowed to give any information about another resident over the phone. If a resident is not able to come to the phone, you may only say “May I take a message?” or “I can only take a message.” Residents must get resident receiving call and/or take a message and put it on the telephone bulletin board. Residents may use the office phone for calls with staff permission.

1 Demerit for each infraction or Confiscation of the device


Residents are responsible for their own laundry.  Laundry should be done in a full load. The washer and dryer are not to be used before 9:00am or after curfew. Laundry is not to be left unattended, and machines are to be cleaned

out after every use. The last load may start at 9:00pm Sunday through Thursday and 10:00pm Friday and Saturday. House issue sheets and towels must be washed weekly.  

1 Demerit for each infraction

House Entrances

The front door is not to be used by residents. The front door is available as a fire exit. Residents are not permitted to answer the front door for any reason. Residents are to use the back door to enter and exit the house. The door at the rear of the resident’s quarters is a fire

exit only, but is available for handicapped access. The Meeting room door is available for individuals attending self-help meetings, and as a fire exit.

1 Demerit for each infraction


Respite House is a smoke free facility. Residents can smoke cigarettes in the designated area at the rear of the House. Residents are allowed to smoke outside between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and curfew.

Each resident is required to clean up after themselves throughout the day: ashtrays, cigarette butts, coffee cups, etc.; failure to maintain these areas will result in discipline.

1 Demerit for each infraction

Progress Reports

Residents are to make themselves available to the Director or appointed staff during the weekly schedule times to do their progress reports. Residents are to bring their meeting verification sheets, AA/NA meeting sheet, completed

budget, and their signed sponsor sheets to turn in at the time of the review.

1 Demerit for each missing sheet
1 Demerit for missing progress report

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