Harold "Hal" Kelly Respite Foundation

d/b/a Respite House, a Halfway House for Men


Our Vision is that one day:

  • Every addict or alcoholic seeking recovery through a 12-step recovery program in Porter County, Indiana, shall have a safe, structured and affordable residential facility where they may be free of all mind and mood altering substances and find the opportunity for a new way of life.
  • Respite House will facilitate and focus a community effort, in the spirit of unity and cooperation, to assist those members of our community who are seeking recovery.
  • Respite House shall have the recognition and respect of the Community as a viable program of recovery.


Our Mission is to:

  • Facilitate resources which provide for the educational, charitable and social welfare activities connected with the habilitation and rehabilitation of men suffering from chemical dependency and related disorders.
  • The core of this organization will be a 24 hour staffed, 12 step based, residential recovery program.
  • The organization will introduce and/or enhance a 12 step recovery program to men who wish to recover from alcoholism and/or drug addiction.
  • The organization will develop a plan for each individual resident to treat all aspects of the disease – physical, emotional and spiritual.
  • The organization will work in cooperation with other community organizations and marshal the resources of our community to best assist each resident with their recovery process.
  • The organization will encourage and assist each individual resident to become a productive and responsible member of the community, providing the opportunity for development of the life skills necessary to sustain their recovery process.

Respite House a halfway house for men
1408 Chicago St, Valparaiso, Indiana • 219.548.1300 • info@respitehouse.org

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